NO WALLS expo is a long duration curatorial project.

At this stage NO WALLS expo would like to focus towards creating an unforgettable experience within the RC Art Fair in February 2018 and bring forth the fruitful combination between the traditional (art fair) and unconventional (the event). NO WALLS expo presents a well-executed curatorial project consisting of professionals from various fields within the art scene (curators, writers, historians, designers, artists etc.). The platform focuses on constantly improving contemporary curatorial practices, expanding the fields of aesthetic experiences within the solitary urban areas. One of the key concepts is to offer artworks that normally would not fit in a white cube presentation space due to their size, aesthetic or conceptual note, agendas often neglected in the broad art market (prioritised for their marketing and sale strategies).

NO WALLS expo represents an event gathering various national and international artists to participate and showcase sculptural and installation artworks. The event is curated without the supporting framework of the walls, hence the name NO WALLS expo. The main focus of the event is to provide a platform, which is in contrast to the traditional white cube by creating a show defined by black box. The combination of the black box of the NO WALLS expo within the white cube of RC Art Fair would provide a unique experience worth visiting and creating a completely new podium for visitors of the festival to go see and research.