The intention of NO WALLS expo is to showcase the black box, negative of the white cube. Over the past few years, the concepts of black box (NO WALLS expo from previous editions) have showed that this concept works very well yet it cannot be fully comprehended if not taken into the combination with the classical white cube (as RC Art Fair). The strongest presentation concepts evolve with the paralleled comparison of two separate events within one location (World Trade Center Rotterdam). The focus is also to not overdone the almost over-run discourses upon white cube concepts in art theory.

It is important to showcase quality that would often stay hidden or not taken into consideration for other presentation happening. The aim is to prove and showcase the power and quality of contemporary curatorial practice in Rotterdam provided by the selection of established and emerging artists of national and international background and to produce a platform that would echo the combination of the already present in the city (fair and contemporary exhibition). European artistic cities are becoming increasingly intertwined with exchanging artists and their works, a network of exploding creative ideas and collaborations. NO WALLS expo would like to bring such collaborations on a newer level and stretch beyond the boundaries of often used curatorial and event concepts.

Main theme is the contrasting relation between the traditional white cube space and the unconventional black box.

Since the location of the event will be in the same place as the fair, these contrasts will come into fruition in its finest and strongest points. Many times the events, happenings or artworks themselves in the art scene, do not have the capacity to show the contradictory factor they are opposing. Most of the times the opposing concept is not present to be fully understood. NO WALLS expo will become part of the fair ground to achieve a break through in contemporary conceptual production, creating an educational aspect within the art practices as well by offering the diverse public of the fair an insight how different these contrasts between presentation spaces can be.

The event focuses onto dark, dimmed and black aesthetic. In this way, the contrast toward the rest of the location grounds would become extremely noticeable and vivid. The aesthetic side will go hand in hand with its main concept – the black box. This would also allow the artworks an exposed highlighted presentation; especially towards light art works, which would fully come to life in the dark space.